Monday, April 27, 2009

easter '09 recap and projects

rain, rain, go away... what else to do but update the blog, right!? this post is going to be a combo of family pics and easter art projects. easter was super fun this year as it was the first year that zachary was able to participate in the activities. it was also the first year that zane really understood what was going on. zane was so excited for the easter bunny to come. as soon as he heard me set foot out of my room easter morning, he came flying out of his. i have to wonder if he had been just waiting in the dark behind his door listening. so cute!

after opening easter baskets in the morning, we went to church. i have to include a picture of my boys because they all looked so handsome. as usual, zachary was uncooperative in taking the picture. thankfully, when your 1 1/2 you tend to look cute anyways.

the easter egg hunt came later that afternoon. the really fun part was that my husband insisted that it be outside even though it was chilly and had been raining all night (insert eye roll here.) but, i must admit that he was right, because the boys had a lot of fun. zachary was at a disadvantage though, as he didn't know what to do. zane has a full basket of eggs before he had even one!

zachary found one with Elmo on it, and spent 5 minutes studying it and chanting, "elmo!"

the boys also spent the weeks before easter using their thumbprints to make gifts for family members. here are some of the projects we did through jaeartworks... need a personalized gift for someone? let me know! the possibilities are endless!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

uppercase living

i don't know if you've heard about uppercase living yet, but i love this stuff! they are a company that sells stickers that can be used in endless decorating projects. and before you roll your eyes at me, listen. these things are cool. they stick flawlessly to walls, wood, canvas- you name it. check out some of the things i've created with the stickers from this company.
this one is my favorite. zac's footprint on a painted 8 x 10 canvas. the uppercase living sticker, "zachary isaak," is on top. so cute! interested? let me know. i'll hook you up with the uppercase living consultant. don't want to make the canvas yourself? let me know. i can do this for you.

this next one is also on canvas. it's a mixed media piece using a plaster technique i picked up from an artist friend who teaches at texas tech. the sticker is the "create."

this next one is pretty cool too. take one old piano and add one uppercase living "H," and presto, you've got a customized piece of furniture!

this last one has been on this blog before, but i'll show it again because it's great. this is a 16 x 16 painted canvas (the red is painted too.) the sticker is the baseball player on top. talk about a homerun!

Monday, April 13, 2009

zac's recent work

since i'm always talking about zane's art, i thought i would take a minute to show some of zac's talent. he too is really into crayons and coloring now. unfortunately for us, he feels too confined by paper and canvas. for a while now, he has been in what i would call his graffiti artist period. the first picture is of the front of my refrigerator.

nice, right?! i know, it looks like a heart. yes, he's very talented for 17 months. this next piece was an easter present for us and is on the window ledge of the big window in my living room.

fantastic. nice use of color and gesture and it looks like a rainbow (insert eye roll here.) some of his earlier works, on my leather couch, the front door and the wall of the studio were not photographed.

that face pretty much says it all, doesn't it!

fauvist zane

I thought I would share with everyone the interesting turn Zane has taken in his coloring. He has now entered in what I like to call his Fauvist period. In art history, the Fauvists were a group of (largely French) painters working at the beginning of the 20th century. Their work was characterized by the use of bold, vivid colors and simplified forms. The following two pictures are examples from the two most famous of the Fauvists- Henri Matisse and Andre Derain:

Now take a look at exhibits 1, 2 and 3 done recently by Zane, completely on his own. Wow! I can't believe he's only 3 1/2!

Now, don't you just want to paint something?!

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