Thursday, May 28, 2009

by all means, paint!

today's confession: i have always wanted to be a painter. there, i said it- i feel free. the reason that i am not a painter, and probably other things as well, is that i am a super control freak who loves neatness and order. strange qualities for an artist, i know. there is a control that i have over the drawing mediums that i cherish and crave. i know that when i pick up that pencil that whatever i am about to attempt will come out with exactness and precision. it is safe. but, what about that desire for painting...hmmmm.

so a couple of months ago i was presented with a challenge by the missions pastor of my church. there was a series of sermons going on called "vintage Jesus." i was challenged to do my own portrait of Jesus Christ, something that showed Jesus in a modern way but also showed him through my eyes. i knew immediately that a photo realistic pencil portrait was out of the question, if nothing but for the simple fact that I had no picture of Jesus himself to work from. even if i found some picture of him somewhere to work from, it would still not be him- it would be an actor or some other artist's representation of what he looked like. for this same reason, i also knew that i would not show the entire face, but just a portion. i knew that it would be black and white so the viewer could "read" what ever color that he or she wanted to. i also knew that i did not want to use drawing medium for the picture. the lack of permanence of that type of medium was unappealing to me for the proposed project. so, long story short, i decided that i would finally become a painter and (no pressure, right!?) paint a portrait of the King of Kings.

now, i wanted to wait to write about this in the blog until i was able to take a better picture of the painting i'm talking about. sometimes even we professional artists make rookie mistakes, and i confess to you all that i made one- gasp- i took the picture of the painting using the flash. well, i have not had a chance to take another picture yet because the painting is no longer in my possession. so, please excuse the extra white area in the bottom middle of the painting.
"King" 20" x 10"
acrylic on canvas 2009

even with the (insert eye roll here) flash, you can see that the painting was a success. being my first full-fledged painting where I didn't fall back on mixed media or drawing media to complete it, of course I must say that there are some things that I know could be better. there are also certain steps that i would do differently if i did another one. but that is all part of the learning process. so, i will say i feel good about this painting, and that i look forward to painting some more in a looser style, because let's face it, this is every bit as tight and controlled as my portrait work. as van gogh once said, "if you hear a voice within you say, 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." oh yes, and peace to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. amen.

Monday, May 4, 2009

mother's day project

i tell you the truth- these things ALWAYS go better in my head than in reality. i realize i am posting these gift ideas now with mother's day only a week away. i really am trying to get my act together and have a sneaking suspicion that my "getting it together" will grow in direct proportion to the advancement of zachary's age. anyways, i digress...

the truth is, although i designed these with mother's day in mind, these bags are great gift ideas for girls of all ages any time of the year. green bags are not only fashionable now, they really are useful for both the user and the planet. i know that over here, i can never have enough bags to carry lots of stuff around. i'm already using mine as a library bag and will probably make a couple more.

here are a couple of other designs i drew up. let me know if you are interested. any of these designs can be modified for any given project!

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