Monday, May 4, 2009

mother's day project

i tell you the truth- these things ALWAYS go better in my head than in reality. i realize i am posting these gift ideas now with mother's day only a week away. i really am trying to get my act together and have a sneaking suspicion that my "getting it together" will grow in direct proportion to the advancement of zachary's age. anyways, i digress...

the truth is, although i designed these with mother's day in mind, these bags are great gift ideas for girls of all ages any time of the year. green bags are not only fashionable now, they really are useful for both the user and the planet. i know that over here, i can never have enough bags to carry lots of stuff around. i'm already using mine as a library bag and will probably make a couple more.

here are a couple of other designs i drew up. let me know if you are interested. any of these designs can be modified for any given project!

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