Monday, September 28, 2009

september happenings

the month of september is almost a blur, what with school starting (for both boys this time), zane starting t-ball, and grandparents day, just to name a few. oh yes, and i mustn't leave out the early arrival (and panic) of cold and flu season!

jaeartworks always has at least one new project for grandparents day. this year, my favorite is this great canvas tote bag, where i used the little girl's hand print as the "o" in "love." it's just fantastic, and i just know her grandmother will love carrying her stuff around in it!
i also did some experimenting with painting on ceramics.t his can be very tricky if you are not a professional ceramicist with a kiln. but, i finally found a paint i liked that was able to produce the quality i demand. and, the end result is this fabulous painted porcelain plate. what a great gift idea!

in the meantime, zane started his first year of t-ball with his good buddy, nolan. we went to the first practice with a little bit of hesitation, remembering our soccer experience the year before. we still laugh because omar got more exercise those first few practices for soccer than zane did. and then, when zane did go out on the field without omar, many times he was picking grass or off on the wrong side of the field by himself. so, you can imagine our joy when zane ran out onto the t-ball practice field and never looked back. he did everything the coach said, and more importantly, had a great time.

little zac had a great time playing in the dirt as well.

we can't wait to see how the season plays out. go thunder!

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