Wednesday, February 10, 2010

gifts from the heart

with valentines day only 4 days away, i realize i may be to late with these projects. but, never fear, because these would also make great mother's day gifts, or birthday gifts for that matter.

i love this plate. this one just happens to be mine, and i can tell you i plan to display it from february all the way through spring. not only are the hand prints precious, but the mix of purple and green colors is modern and fresh.

and how sweet is this hand print heart? i wrapped it with scripture from 1 Corinthians 13, but it can easily be made with any words of love that you want. i actually found this idea a while back on the web, but i can't remember where. if that person ever sees this, hopefully she will let me know so i can give props.

and, always remember, love never fails, my friends, even when it's last minute. hee hee.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

christmas 09 projects

have i mentioned in the past 5 minutes how much i love this new ceramic paint i found? i feel like it goes against everything in my contemporary art trained nature, but i do. seriously, if you would have told me back in art school that someday i would be painting hands and feet on plates and loving the paint i was using, i would have told you you were crazy. well, this paint was the star of the jaeartworks christmas pieces i did this year. most of the pieces were different variations of my hand print christmas tree design, either on porcelain plates or platters. You can see more painted ceramics on my website.

i also did quite a few thumbprint mugs as well. i really love the mugs- not only are they fully functional, but they can be designed to fit just about any theme. and if you don't like a theme? well, my own mug that i use just has my boys' thumbprints on it in a fun and colorful polka dot pattern.

and last, but certainly not least, i did this fantastic porcelain pitcher. i do believe it was during the painting of this piece that i flipped head over heels for this paint!

i also did a couple of my classic canvas pieces. you know, i'm always trying to add new projects into the mix over here, but at the end of the day, the canvas pieces are still my favorite. i still believe that by putting the hand print or footprint onto a nice canvas really elevates it into a piece of art. as always, you can see more over here!

there is one last project that i want to show, and that is this great tote bag. i did not have access to the children for this piece, but my customer was able to provide me with a tracing of each hand. i painted each child's hand on it and then painted on the words, "mom's blessings." on the inside at the top i put the scripture from proverbs, "her children rise up and call her blessed."
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