Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring is sprung

spring is here! well, to be precise, it will be here on friday, but close enough. with exception to the pollen, and thus the runny noses, sneezing and watery eyes, i love spring. i've been working in the studio, trying to get some new projects out, and for once, i am right on time. that's right, people, i said right on time!

this year, easter is on april 4th. need a cute gift or even something for yourself to stash all that easter candy in? i've got some ideas for you.

mother's day, another spring holiday, is also just around the corner on may 9th. need something special for mom, grandma, sister, aunt, friend? i've got some ideas for all of them too.

it also seems like spring is the season for baby showers. even the stores seem to have more sales on baby stuff in the spring. well, how about these keepsake ideas for the new mom?

and last but not least, how about that spring cleaning, redoing, redecorating?? well, maybe i can even help you there. i just finished this painting that was commissioned to match the rug and bedding in a little girl's room. need a different theme? let's talk.

you can see more on my website here. have a great spring!
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