Monday, May 17, 2010

her children arise and call her blessed

proverbs 31:28... that was my theme scripture for mother's day this year.

the first projects i did were something new for me- planters.a nd let me tell you that painting on a pot is not an easy thing to do. but, i think they came out just fabulous. the first one was actually my tester one. it came out pretty good though, so i put my husband's hand print on it, and we gave it to his mom for mother's day. the second one was ordered by a husband for his wife. this planter was much larger, probably a good foot tall, and the hand prints around it are her three teenage sons. now, who wouldn't love that for her porch or garden?!

i also did a few new ceramic plates. the first one is a butterfly made from the footprints of a sweet 10 month old girl. the second one has the hand prints of a 5 year old girl. and the third one is actually a combination of a brother and sister. the angel's body is the 5 month old girl's footprint, and the wings are the 4 year old boy's hand prints.

and, there are almost always a couple of canvases. i love putting prints on canvas. the true art is the print itself, but the rest of the decoration on these is pretty stinkin' cute too!

now don't you just know that the mom's that received these treasures had to feel just that- blessed.
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