Tuesday, February 28, 2012

art is happening...

this is my main working wall in my studio.  i sort of see it as a large work of art itself, ever changing...ever evolving.  the story of my life as an artist, if you will.  in fact, if it ever seems like it has stayed the same for too long, that is a sign that there's not enough art happening.

but art is happening over here.  as an artist i like to compartmentalize my stuff.  what i consider "my art" are only those pieces that i do out of my own desire to create art, and only in what i consider to be my style.  like the blue painting above. 

then there is the "kid art," like this platter i just finished.

other categories include "portraits" (i've got two to do!) and  "products" (like the bag tags i make.) 

then there are ones i consider "commissions"- like this mixed media painting that is going in the fundraising auction for arlington classics academy next month.

i've recently had to add a category- let's just call it "experimental."  this one holds all the new stuff i've been trying as i've been inspired by other artists, articles, and books.  included in this category are the two paintings i'm doing for my new eclass called "bloom true."  anything in this category has the potential to move up into "my art," but not until I sufficiently master the technique and merge it into my style.  oh lord, i sound crazy, don't i?

just curious if any other artists feel this way?  do you like to give what you make different labels, or do you just consider it all your art? 

well, regardless, art is happening.  and i sincerely hope it is happening to you too, in whatever form that may be.



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

an attitude of gratitude

first of all, i want to say thank you to every single one of you who takes the time to read my blog.  i've gotten some really great feedback lately, and i am honored and humbled by it.

i confess that i have been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything going on in my life lately, and as i contemplated that, i was reminded of this post i read a while back.  if you have children, of any age, i urge you to take the time to read it.  i promise you won't be disappointed.  i was so struck by the concept of chronos versus kairos time that i actually printed out that section and stuck it to my idea board for a future painting.  and, there it has sat for awhile.  because everything i do with relation to my own art is tediously thought out and even more tediously executed.  

and that brings me to the new painting eclass i am taking by flora bowley.  i was immediately drawn to her because the way she paints is the exact opposite of everything i do.  intuitive painting- are you kidding me???  and i am so grateful for the opportunity to expand my horizons.  my second confession of the day is that i am already a week behind on the course.  but here is one of my canvases after the second painting session.  it's absolute madness.  i have no idea where it is going to end up...and...wait for it...that's the point.  holy cow!

i also got to spend this past saturday night out in the dallas art world.  we had to brave the cold rain, but it was worth it. 

downtown dallas

ready for confession three?  i'm sure this will not come as a surprise to anyone with children, but since having my boys, my art show/ gallery attendance has really plummeted.  it's a world i truly love though, so when i get to go, i am very grateful!

cohn drennan gallery

plush gallery

500X gallery

so, here's to an attitude of gratitude, and to finding, and cherishing,  kairos time.

with gratitude,


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the heart of the matter

so in honor of valentine's day, i wanted to share some heart-related things with you.  i know i have quite a few at-home mom's, grandma's, home-schoolers following me, so check out this smART class post for a cute heart project for little kids!

i was hoping to show you the jim dine inspired heart paintings that my own art students had done.  however, the older students rebelled and decided they didn't want to do it, and my kindergarten student still hasn't finished.  i do have this one from my new preschool class though.  isn't it lovely?

at the suggestion of one of my dearest friends, i checked out the crokin girls website and learned how to use my crock pot to make my own heart shaped crayons using all the broken pieces we have in my studio.  and trust me, that is a significant quantity!  i used heart shaped silicone baking cups i found at michaels.  i set them in the bottom of my crock pot, and then filled them about 2/3 full with peeled, broken crayons pieces.   i actually found enough pieces that had already lost the paper, but i have heard if you need to peel them you can soak them in hot water to help quicken the process.

according to the crokin girls, you close the lid and cook on high for 45 minutes.  after 45 minutes, however, i found that not all the crayons had melted.  so i cooked mine for an extra half hour or so.  once they were all melted, i pulled out the crock pot insert and set it on my stove top to cool.  once the melted wax had hardened, i popped the crayon hearts out and set them on wax paper.  viola!  they came out great, and much to my surprise, my boys love using them.  (i confess i thought it would end up a novelty.)

i also came across this great video by roberta laliberte showing how to make your own hand-painted paper.  i love her demo videos- they are really quick and super fascinating! 

and one more thing before i go, i am linking once again to dave's app recipe book, a super fun monthly challenge where iphonographers share their "recipes" for photos created exclusively with phone apps.  because the february challenge was due at the same time that i wanted to do a "heart" post, i thought i would try and do a heart-themed photo for dave's challenge.  however, that did not work for me.  i found all the things i tried to do to be much too contrived.  so, instead, i present this one, created about the word that's on my mind right now.  i took the picture of a canvas in my studio with camera+, chose the "portrait" setting under scenes, and then did a freestyle crop.  then i took it into scratchcam and hit the "random" button until i liked it.  the title is "revolution."

and this one has to do with the painting i'm struggling to finish right now.  the girl in the painting is my baby sister and is about the loss of our father.  (you can see the entire unfinished painting here.)  my idea was to create a self-portrait where i somehow become a part of the painting that is consuming me.  i took the photo with the reverse cam in phototoaster.  i then chose the filters "silver light" and "canvas."  last, i cropped it to a square.  i had trouble deciding on a title for this one, but for now i'm calling it "reflection."

so there you have it, not "a heart" but what's on my heart.  and isn't that the heart of the matter?



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

hands in motion

does anyone out there find hands as fascinating as i do?  i love to watch my kids' hands as they work.  sometimes i wonder if they think i'm crazy when i'm taking pictures of them- lol!

i have to include this one of my 4 year old putting flowers in a vase for me.  don't those dirty fingernails just melt your heart?

here's my own print.  i'm thinking this will be the logo for jaeartworks.

and i don't think i ever showed this finished piece.  this is my latest "family portrait" that i have hanging on the narrow wall next to my kitchen.

told you i love hands!  do you have something you are fascinated with?

have a blessed week,
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