Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the great divide

so back in february i took a painting eclass with flora bowley called bloom true.  i did not take the class to learn how to paint (i've been painting almost as long as flora has!)  i took the class because i was so drawn to flora's philosophy of painting and life, and because the idea of just letting a painting unfold with no preset idea of what was going to emerge was about as opposite of me as one could possibly get.

i couldn't pass the opportunity up.  and i cannot even express to you how glad i am that i didn't!

so, here is the first of two paintings created through the class.  and just to prove how i truly had no idea where it was going through a good portion of the process, i am adding a quick slide show at the bottom to show you the stages...how this painting revealed itself to me.

here's the evolution of "the great divide"    18" x 18"     acrylic on canvas      2012

and, this week, here's to evolving...and blooming true!



  1. Very nice!!! I do need to put my cameras down and pick up my paint brushes again....he says with a sigh....

  2. That was fascinating to watch. I can't quite tell what inspired each successive change, but I suspect the only person who can is the artist creating. I love the idea of seeing what unfolds while working.

  3. That's great, Julie! Really love the progression. And, now, even though I've seen it, I still don't know how it happens. I must finish this class!

  4. Beautiful, love the colours.


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