Tuesday, May 1, 2012

something old, something new

i have a big gap in my portfolio of artworks due to the fact that right out of college i was not good about photographing my work.  maybe it was because it was so much more complicated to get good photos back then.  maybe it was that i was young and didn't take things too seriously.  most likely, it was a combination of both.  well, this week i was really happy to acquire a picture of one of my lost pieces from an old friend who has had it in his collection for the past dozen years or so. 

stitch on cross stitch material - 1998

i started doing fiber pieces towards the end of art school, (a lot of what i would call "manipulated stitch" now) and continued to do so for a couple years after i was out.   looking at this piece, i don't think it will surprise you when i tell you i worked in a retail store back then.  when one of my co-workers saw this piece in a show it was in, he told me it looked so real he wanted to take it back to our store and see if he could scan it.  i still consider that one of the greatest comments on a piece of work i've ever gotten.  so, many thanks to my friend, tim, for sending me this picture, and for keeping the piece in such great shape all these years!  and if anyone else has any of my pieces m.i.a. please send me a good photo- lol.

i also wanted to show you the project i did with my son's preschool class recently.  we used their hand prints to learn color mixing.  i got this idea from the wonderful elementary art blog smart class.  i painted one little hand one color and the other another.  we rubbed the hands together and watched the colors change!  then we printed the new colors on our big chart i made.

i expanded out into tints, shades ,grays, and browns so that every child had a chance to mix a color at least once.  watching their little faces as the colors changed was pretty cool.  and, i think it came out great, if i do say so myself!

i feel like i need to add a disclaimer here...this was a very ambitious project for 4 years olds.  actually, they were fine.  i was sweating a little- haha!  if you decide to try this with little ones, i might suggest sticking with making the secondary colors from the primary colors.  just a suggestion ;)

here's to finding what you thought was lost and to helping others discover something new!



  1. AweSOME! I'm tickled that one of your very original and totally cool pieces came back to you! (Even if it was a picture). I still forget to photograph mine at times! I love the very tangible lesson with the kids. They look like a happy group...except for the little fella in the first pix. I don't think he wanted to be that close to the little girl. Just sayin.

  2. Fun stuff! I'm still amazed that you can work with the little ones!! (o:

    You need to do more of this "manipulated stitch" work...all sorts of possibilities here!!


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