Tuesday, June 19, 2012


woot, woot...time for the recipe book project again.  my iphoneography projects this month are dedicated to my recent trip to georgia.  although i did not get nearly as many pictures as i wanted, i did get some good ones. 

i call the first one "summertime."  for this one i used camera+, instagram, photo toaster, 100 cameras in 1, and iris photo suite.

to create this, i used the following 3 pictures from my trip.

camera+, phototoaster, 100 cameras in 1 (thunder dome filter)


camera+, photo toaster

i blended all 3 together in iris photo suite, and voila!  summertime.

the next one was an experiment...for i was trying out my newest app addition- decim8.  i did a lot of trials on this app trying to figure it out.  it's definitely not your average photo app, that's for sure.  don't have it mastered yet, but i thought this one came out interesting.

and here's the original photo, of my dad's gorgeous house, taken with instagram.

for more great iphoneography (and the recipes for how to make them!) check out dave's page at clearer reflections.  

and this week, here's to being challenged!



  1. These are really cool!! I just love how you put the images together to create Summertime...I certainly wouldn't have "seen" this from the three images you picked. How wonderful!!

    Decim8...either you love it or you hate it. I love it...but I know I will probably throw out most of what I generate until I hit it!! Love the randomness of it all!!!

  2. Such a creative process. You seamlessly integrated those first three images into such a wonderful new creation. Love it!

  3. Summertime is gorgeous! I'd never have thought to do that. And Decim8 is fun if it doesn't drive you mad. I love it too.


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