Wednesday, September 12, 2012

signs of fall

in texas, it takes a little longer for fall to roll in.  but there have been a few signs lately...

 that last one was just 1 morning this past week, but in texas, we'll take what we can get!  

with fall around the corner, i've also been going through my pinterest "art lesson idea" collection, pulling out some of the inspiring ideas i've been saving.

last year we did these great dia de los muertos prints (you can see my original post and tutorial here.)  we are totally doing more of these.  or some version of these.  you know the artists like to change it up!

plus...some leaf prints, as inspired by princess artsypants 

leaf prints on watercolor by princess artsypants

and cedar creek elementary on artsonia .

leaf prints from artsonia

i also love these leaf abstractions by adventures of an art teacher

 and these batik pumpkins by smART class. 

batik pumpkin by smART class

so there you have fall line up.  ready,!

here's to fall!



  1. Love this! Things are starting to change here in's more the light than anything and the air....fall is coming!

  2. It finally feels like fall in Kansas. We've had some cooler mornings and much needed rain. Plus, it's now dark when I Get ready for school. That last part's not so fun since it just makes it seem even earlier!

  3. Looks like a fun Fall! I can't WAIT to get to TX next week. I'm hoping I'll need a sweater at least every night!!!


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