Wednesday, June 27, 2012

summer heat, summer hits

summer is in full swing here.  we have even begun to hit 100+ in temperature here in north texas.  (yesterday we hit 106!)  that makes me even more glad to be teaching lots of summer art classes, inside, away from the scortching texas sun.  i thought this week i'd share some of the hits from those classes so far.

my preschool class is rocking.  we've been doing a lot of watercolors and oil resist paintings, using oil pastels and watercolors. fish are always good to do with little ones because they are generally easy to draw and their forms are very forgiving.  and watercolors are the perfect medium for painting both water and things in water.

i also love these drippy jellyfish.  i got this idea from for the love of art here.  this was really challenging for my preschoolers because to get those drips, they had to hold the paper upright with one hand while using the brush with water with the other hand. 

and these james rizzi inspired birds are fabulous.  got this idea from deep space sparkle here.  love, love, love how these came out!

i'm also teaching a couple of drawing classes this summer too.  My drawing classes are so hands on and full of so much demo that it's hard for me to take pictures.  but i did snap this one of a great gesture drawing.  we do entire sessions of 1 minute and 2 minute gesture drawings.  it's really intense and really, really fun!

i've got so much more to share, but i'll save those for another post.  i'll leave you with this...

remember my summer manifesto here?  i'm doing my best to stick to it.  make new colorful pillow covers for the couch pillows...check!  i used this easy tutorial here, if you're interested.

this's to inspiration, action, and beating the summer heat!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


woot, woot...time for the recipe book project again.  my iphoneography projects this month are dedicated to my recent trip to georgia.  although i did not get nearly as many pictures as i wanted, i did get some good ones. 

i call the first one "summertime."  for this one i used camera+, instagram, photo toaster, 100 cameras in 1, and iris photo suite.

to create this, i used the following 3 pictures from my trip.

camera+, phototoaster, 100 cameras in 1 (thunder dome filter)


camera+, photo toaster

i blended all 3 together in iris photo suite, and voila!  summertime.

the next one was an experiment...for i was trying out my newest app addition- decim8.  i did a lot of trials on this app trying to figure it out.  it's definitely not your average photo app, that's for sure.  don't have it mastered yet, but i thought this one came out interesting.

and here's the original photo, of my dad's gorgeous house, taken with instagram.

for more great iphoneography (and the recipes for how to make them!) check out dave's page at clearer reflections.  

and this week, here's to being challenged!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

summer manifesto

i had no idea what i was going to write about his week.  really.  truly.  no idea.  the past 2 weeks have been a blur, with traveling, teaching, and entertaining family visiting from out of town.  but as i pondered the craziness that is already summer, i was reminded of this post by kelly rae roberts here, which led me to this post by ali edwards here, which led me to this...

my summer manifesto

*work outside...until such time as my yard is acceptible to
*hang out outside
*paint at least one piece of furniture an unexpected color
*make new colorful covers for my throw pillows
*stay up late watching movies with my boys
*sleep late with my boys
*quit diet sodas
*get back on pilates routine
*grow some more vegetables so i can make more deliciousness like this...

*have way more moments like this...

what's your summer manifesto?

viva la summer...this one's for you!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5 days in georgia

 here's to family, heritage, and beauty in the details.
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