Wednesday, February 6, 2013

beautiful bright hearts

it's that time of know, where every where you look there are hearts.  over here, that doesn't only include the studio.  last week they invaded my kitchen as well.  last year, i blogged about how to use your crock pot to turn your old, broken crayons into new heart shaped ones.  you can see that original post here.  since i still had all the molds, and a tool box full of old crayons, i volunteered to make them for my 5 year old's valentines party at school. cute and functional...a great combination!

in the studio i've been trying to think of a heart project for my classes.  i came up with these oil pastel resist hearts.  and since i'm really digging the bright colors, i think i'll roll with this idea. 

 just start with a small heart in the middle of the paper, and then carefully draw around the heart with alternating brightly colored oil pastels.  make sure to leave a little bit of white in between each ring.  you need to make sure the oil pastel is pretty thick, so you have to draw slowly and press hard.  this is trickier than it sounds for the students!  just keep adding rings until you like it.  the lines will not be perfect, but that is what will make them more interesting.

once the heart is drawn, paint in between the rings with watercolors.  i used a different color for each ring with the watercolor as well.  also, try to keep the brush off the oil pastel lines as much as possible.  even though the oil pastel will resist the watercolor, it will still start to get muddy and messy if you rub on the oil pastel lines a bunch.

wishing you all a very happy valentine's day!

here's to beautiful bright hearts,


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