Wednesday, April 24, 2013

summer schedule

can not believe it is already time for me to be posting my summer elementary art class schedule.  it seriously seems like yesterday that i was posting my manifesto for last summer!  by the way, that pico recipe pictured in that old post...i've perfected it now.  i just posted the recipe on my facebook page yesterday.  you're welcome.

so , here you go.  something awesome for your kids to do, during that time of the day when the texas sun will burn you alive anyways.  you're welcome again.  lol

looking forward to another great summer of art!

and that's what i'll toast to this week...



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

kinder garden

my latest "print"work creation...

i created this platter as the kindergarten project for the fundraising auction at arlington classics academy.  and, why yes, those are 80 some odd 6 year old fingerprints on there!  thanks for asking...

i had another platter i finished this past christmas that i wanted to show you too, but i guess i forgot to take a picture of it.  sigh...  i've gotten really good at documenting all my stuff, but every once in a while...sigh again.

but, i do have a picture of this canvas i painted recently.  i really think this one is very sweet, and i love, love, love the simplicity!  the dad's hand, the mom's hand, the baby girl's hand.  enough said...

and, since every time i show a painted ceramic piece, i get a lot of questions about how i do it, i will go ahead and tell you that this post here will give you all the info. 

this week, here's to beauty in simplicity!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

finished prayer flags

well it's been 3 months since we started our prayer flags, and i'm happy to announce they are all finally finished.  i also sent our pictures to the prayer flag project, so you can see them there as well.


here's to the power of prayer!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

just wanted you to know

my blog post this week is one day late.  don't worry...i didn't expect you guys to realize that.  but the fact that it has bothered me so much has got me thinking about why that is.  the truth is, i love this blog.  i love art.  i love each and every one of you who comes here and shares this journey with me.

due to pinterest, google, word of mouth, all of the above...i don't know...more and more people are finding me.  and some of them are sending me questions about how i do stuff.  most of the questions have to do with how i paint on ceramics.  and i just want you all to know, that i answer every single one to the best of my ability.  i just want you to know that if you are trying to make this world a more beautiful place by making art yourself, teaching art to kids in a school or your own kids at home, or anything of the sort, and you have a question about how i do something or how you can do something, that i would be happy to try and answer it.  you can get your question to me by commenting on this blog, on the contact section of my website, or by posting on my facebook page.  you can even tweet it to me @jaeartworks if you want.  it may take me a few days to answer, but if i see it, and i'm sure you're not a spammer (they've been killing me lately) i promise i will answer.

*just a note about commenting on this blog...if you ask a question on this blog, i will answer it on the blog, but i will also answer it by replying to the email address listed.  if you come up as "no reply" then i can't email you, so you would have to check back on the blog to see my answer.

we all have one life in which to make an impact on this world.  i don't want to be the artist who makes beautiful stuff but keeps all the secrets locked up in a vault.  i want to be the artist who makes beautiful stuff and helps others to make beautiful stuff. 

so, from the bottom of my heart,  thank you for reading my blog!  now go make some beautiful stuff.

and this week, here's to sharing the love.


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