Thursday, October 10, 2013


my first 6 weeks back in a public school classroom are under my belt now.  first couple of projects are finished...

6th Grade Hands

6th Grade oil pastel trees

grades are in and artworks installations are finally in progress...

that hand project, by the way, holy cow!  i did it with all 6 of my grade levels.  800 or so students.  yes...crazy, i know.  but seriously, just wait until you see the final installation pictures.  coming soon!

also...super exciting, fabulous of my prayer flags was published in the october/november issue of quilting arts magazine.  you can read more about my prayer flag project here and here.  very cool!

p.s.  that amazing oil pastel tree painting is just one of many, many cool ones!  so, i will be back soon with some more art awesomeness. 

this week, here's to finding your way and surfacing!

- julia

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