Wednesday, July 31, 2013

life lately via a beautiful mess

i know it's been a while since i've talked about photo apps.  i still use them all the time, and every day i am astounded at how these apps have absolutely changed the face of every day photography.  my newest photo app crush is called a beautiful mess, by the girls who write the mega popular blog of the same name.  you guys, this app makes it super easy (and fun!) to add writing and doodles to your photos.  up until now, i have used photoshop and my bamboo tablet to do this.  and, don't get me wrong, i still love both of those things.  but this app has the ability to do much of the same things, only faster and easier.  and, as a blogger who is also a full time mom, artist and art teacher, those are two of my favorite words!  check out what's been going on over here...

my summer art classes are entering the last week.  and it has been 7 weeks of artistic fun!  sometimes more than the paper gets painted- lol

we have done all kinds of art...drawing, painting, collage, even clay.  i love love love these clay pendants my youngest art class made!

since spring, my husband and i have been working on renovating our backyard.  one thing we created was a fire pit area.  for years i have been saving the original wood sign my grandmother used for her art business.  now i have a place to hang it.  here's a sneak peek...

every year, my boys paint a bird house, and my husband adds it to our tree.  we just added our two latest.  how happy does this tree make you?  i know, right!

after 11 years, i finally broke down and bought a new pair of running shoes.  think they are bright enough?  hehe #goboldorgohome

and, i will always be a die hard pilates girl, but lately i've been riding bikes a lot with my family.  i've kind of been surprised at just how much i love it!

so, this week, here's to a beautiful mess and things that make what you do easier!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

mixed media collages

for the past couple of weeks, my art classes have been working on mixed media collages.  i got the inspiration for the flower one from an article in the latest issue of cloth paper scissors magazine called botanical collage.  then i created a robot one for any students that didn't want to do flowers. 

my demos...


i won't lie...this was an ambitious project that included painting, stamping, drawing, cutting and pasting, and even the adding of 3 dimensional elements.  whew!  and most students declared they were finished somewhere around the half way point (um no!)  but we all pushed through, and no one can deny the results are fabulous!  check.  these.  out...

ella  age 5!!!!
elizabeth  age 7!

nina  age 9!

carter  age 7!

chloe  age 9!  haha- love the name "bob"


so this's to perserverence!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

summer time know it is officially summer when you start to lose track of

a) what time it is

b) what day it is.

hence the fact that my summer classes have been rocking for 3 weeks now, but i have yet to write a blog post.  i feel like i need to throw a hash tag here like this... #summer

so far we have drawn and painted and even thrown some clay.  here is one of my favorite sessions so blot paintings.  i got this idea originally from watching my kids dispose of paper palettes in my studio.  i teach them that when they are done, they need to fold the paper over so that the paint is on the inside, and then gently pull it off the pad and throw it away.  but, almost always, they can't resist opening the paper up to see the paint one last time.  it is thrilling every time.  so funny.  i was thinking about that one day, when i remembered seeing this post here at teach kids art.  and bada bing...bada boom..super fun summer lesson.  with my younger class, i did it with primary colors like cheryl did at teach kids art. 

my demo

i see a giraffe face

we had so much fun that i decided to try it with my older class too.  only we used 2 analogous colors with a third accent color thrown in.  these are not done (or maybe they are.)  who knows.  it will be fun to see where they go with these though.

happy 4th, you guys!

and here's to being on summer time...

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