Saturday, September 27, 2014

bulletin board love

wow you guys...can you believe it is already the end of september?  yeah me either.  we have some great art going on in my art room that i can't wait to share, but for now i wanted to show you my new bulletin boards.  this first one i painted right before school started.  it was based on a picture i saw on pinterest.  i tried to find the original designer, but had no luck.  so if it happens to be you, please let me know so i can give you credit for the original design.  i love this so much!

the next one is a collaboration between my students and me.  like most art teachers, i have a stash of painted paper because i could absolutely, positively never throw one away.  one of the many things i like to use said paper for is the die cut machine.  that's where the "we are ellis" letters came from.  the first week of school i don't see all my students, so i had the ones i did see design a handprint.  we brainstormed adjectives that describe ellis students.  i wrote them on a big banner in the art room.  each student had to pick a word (or two or three) to write on the hand as part of the design.  then we used markers and color sticks to make them super colorful.  i love this bulletin board too, you guys.  it is sooooo striking in the hallway!

 i hope you all had a colorful school start.  now bring on the fall!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

styrofoam block print tshirts

one of my first projects of summer was to design a logo for my art room and use it to create a tshirt.  my love of styrofoam block printing is no secret (you can see former projects here and here) so i thought why not try it on tshirts.   i don't know about you, but i dig it!

for the tshirt printing part, i used scratch-foam board, speedball fabric block printing ink, and a brayer.  you will also need something hard and smooth to put on the inside of the shirt.  i used an extra shelf we had left over from a bookshelf.

before i printed anything on fabric, i did a test print with standard block printing ink on card stock to make sure my design was carved well.  the print was actually pretty cool, so i put it in an old frame i had so i can hang it at school.  i also did a test print with the fabric ink on an old tshirt i didn't care about before we used our blank shirts. 

my boys love designing their own tshirts, so i let them design one too.  first i had them draw a design on newsprint that was cut the same size as the styrofoam plate they would be using. 

with any kind of printing like this, you have to carve the design in reverse of the way you want it to print.  so after they drew their designs, i had them flip the paper over, put it on a lightbox, and go over the design in pencil again.  if you don't have a lightbox you can use a window in the daytime. 

then we taped the newsprint with the reverse image up to the styrofoam plate.  they used a pencil to go over the drawing, transferring it to the plate below.  once the design was transferred, they took the paper off and used the same pencil to recarve the lines on the plate.  you want to make sure you get the lines as deep as possible without puncturing through the styrofoam.

to print, roll the ink out flat on a slick surface using your brayer.  i use disposable palette paper for this.  then roll the fabric ink on the carved design.  turn the inked plate over, center it on the shirt, and press straight down.  i use an old rolling pin to roll over the back of the plate a few times to make sure it really gets pressed down.  roll very slowly and make sure you press straight down.  you don't want the plate to slide. 

pull the plate straight up to reveal your design.  let the shirt stay on the board until it is dry.  according to the instructions, you need to let the ink cure for one week at room temperature.  then you can wash it with mild soap and cool water.  i've already washed the boys' shirts a couple times and they are fine.

here's my 6 year old and his shark design...

and my 8 year old in his, well, i'm not exactly sure what that is.  i think he said it was inspired by scooby doo.  lol

the cool thing about block printing is you can wash the plate off and use it again.  i printed mine again using different colors...

and then tried it on an old plain canvas bag i had in my studio.  you can see there are a lot of possibilities!

i definitely think i see this as a future ellis art club project.

if you decide to try this, i would love to see what you make! 

here's to a handmade summer!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

and on the third week of summer...

hope you are all having a great summer so far!

here's to a messy studio...


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

instagram in the art room

we've been doing instagram in my art room for a couple months now, and i think it is going really well.  i wasn't sure about doing it at first, just because i knew i would have to strictly monitor it, but doing that hasn't been as hard as i thought.  i have it on the art room ipads, but also on my personal one to help me keep an eye on it.  i tell all my students about it so they (or their parents) can follow, but i really only let my 5th and 6th graders use it in class.  they are allowed to take pictures of cool things going on in my room with the following rules:
1) no faces, no names
2) i have to see the post before they post it
3)  they can tag themselves in a post, but they can not log out of my account and into theirs

mostly it is me posting.  i like to show students working...

and what the different grade levels are doing...

i also show pics of our art shows...

and assemblies and programs at our school, like when the mascot for the texas rangers came to visit 5th grade...

and turtle the pit bull came to talk to the school about bullying and painted a picture for us...

i also post pictures of cool things i see when i'm out in the art scene, like this life size paper mache band at mfa gallery in dallas...

and this graffiti art on the side of a building on tyler street...

and even what my own studio looks like...

and then there are the student posts, where they can choose to show what they have been doing in the art room and finished pieces they are proud of...

anyone else doing instagram in the art room?  how is it working for you?

you can find us at ellisartroom.  if you have an art room on there, please let me know so we can follow you.  i think if we could get several elementary art rooms following each other, it would be fun!

here's to technology!

-mrs. h  

p.s.  it's almost summer.  woo hoo!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

youth art month

i am happy to announce that our youth art month show at the arlington museum of art  was a great success!  here is what our wall looked like...

congratulations to the artists that represented our school...

you made me proud, eagle artists!

-mrs. h
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