Sunday, January 19, 2014

dia de los muertos... in january

my 3rd graders finally finished up their dia de los muertos collages.  yes, i know it's january, but that's how it goes in the art room sometimes.  testing and field trips and spelling bees...oh my!  and not to mention a 2 week break.  don't get me wrong...i am not complaining...especially about the last one!   i really love how these came out, so i wanted to share them now instead of waiting until next november.  btw- muchos gracias to the art ed blog paintbrush rocket where i got this awesome idea!

and my 2nd graders just finished up their guatemalan kite project, which was also about dia de los muertos.  i got this idea from the blog 4 crazy kings.  too be honest, i wasn't too sure about this project once we started, but the kids really liked it, and were sooooo excited when we added the streamers and sequins at the end.  but once i saw them hung up in a grouping, i changed my mind.  i think they look cool!  check it out...

so there you go...a little peek into our dia de los muertos january.

and, of course,  happy, happy new year to you all!

- mrs. h
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